Found the system while searching the internet and was really impressed by the testimonies, the 100% satisfaction guarantee and especially that the product is backed by scientific data. My wife and I have been using Flex Belt and I alone have used Flex Arms for 9 months now. I must say even at our ages 74 & 72 we have noticed a difference in our appearance. I am a true believer in both products especially Flex Arms where I always had a problem. Now I can actually see definition like I have never seen. Thanks Flex Belt and Flex Arms.
Tony A.

I was desperate. My core had become weak. Doing basic house chores and yard work was becoming very uncomfortable. I ordered two Flex Belts, and one for arms, and one for butt lift. I was shocked at how my abdomen is finally lifting and looking a lot better. My appetite is decreasing and when I'm really tired I go watch my favorite show and work my abs, arms and butt. I totally feel better and just in 4 weeks time, I notice a huge difference in my abs, and also my energy. Thank you!
Wanda B.

I have had my Flex Belt and Flex Arms for four weeks. I use them every day. I love both items, as they feel so good - like a massage after work. I have already seen a big difference in my stomach, and my arms are tighter. I am fifty three and couldn't be more excited. It feels good to see a difference as the weeks pass. Will use them both forever. LOVE THEM BOTH!
Mary H.

I saw an info commercial on the Flex Belt and Flex Arms. I have noticed no matter how much exercise I do, being over 50 and a woman, my body just didn't seem to stay as firm as it once did. I thought about the product on and off for about six months. Finally I thought, I'd give it a try. I was pretty sure it wouldn't work, and it was a stretch to order. I bit the bullet and bought both the Flex Belt and the Flex Arms. I started to show results within two weeks, much to my shock...I have raved about this product to friends, something I never do. I love these products, hope they last a long time and will buy a new one whenever I have worn these out! Thanks for such a great invention.
Diana D.

I'm a real skeptic when it comes to fly by products. I just needed the slightest motivation to discover something. Then I tried Flex Belt. In just 3 weeks I already noticed a significant difference in my abdominal region, not to mention what Flex Arms has done for my biceps and my tri's!! This product is it! I'm an electrician, and I co-own another contracting service. Point and case..... I'm always on the go, with very little time to spare!! This revolution is a dream maker and a life saver all in one!! I look, feel and think greater than I ever have before!!
Robert R.

I purchased the Flex Belt and the Flex Arms 5 weeks ago. I have shoulder issues which prevents me from doing much of any kind of exercise on my arms so we thought this may be a nice alternative. My husband and I share them both just about every day...We have definitely noticed more definition in the triceps and biceps...Our arms are stronger. And as for the belt, the same thing. Definitely stronger abdominal muscles. We feel much stronger in our trunks. So we are in this for the long haul now, and we will start to see our newly sculpted muscles!! We will be ordering a second Flex Belt so that on those days where time is limited, we don't have to share the belt and the power control.
Rachel W.

I have used The Flex Belt® for a total of 45 sessions and my abs have changed like night and day! I also ordered the Flex Arms and it is AWESOME! Combining these two products with my daily workout regime is amazing! I was interested in EMS technology and did some research leading me to purchase the Flex Belt. It feels really intense when using the belt. Thanks so much!
Chris J.

I have been using the Flex Belt for over 30 days. I purchased The Flex Belt® and Flex Arms so I could better define those specific muscles. Both are amazing and make you look and feel great. I recommend these products for anyone looking for the same effect. Also, I look forward to continuing the use of my Flex Belt and Flex Arms.
Andrew C.

I recently ordered your products, and I feel great about The Flex Belt® and the Flex Arms system. They are very good products that provide excellent results. I would highly recommend these products to all the people who want to look better and feel better about themselves. Thank you!
Conrad F.

I love the Flex belt! It actually works and makes you feel that you had an AB workout! I can't wait to come home from work to put it on. I just ordered the arm belts too. The BEST INVESTMENT I ever made. Thank you.

I'm 28 and have worked out on a regular basis about 5 days a week for the majority of my adult life. I couldn't seem to get the definition I wanted from my workouts and specific abdominal workouts at that. I did a lot of research on abdominal devices and read a lot of testimonials and the Flex Belt was the one that I felt would be the best fit for me. Plus it had the money back guarantee - if I didn't like it or it didn't work. I was sold! I used it right away after I received it in the mail. It feels like a really great deep abdominal flex when I'm using it, doesn't hurt or feel crazy uncomfortable. I followed the usage instructions and it is really paying off. I am very happy with the Flex Belt results. Being so happy with the Flex Belt purchase, I bought the Flex Arms System. Same as the Flex Belt - changed my life, and gave me the definition I had been sweating like crazy to achieve! I would highly recommend the Flex Belt products to anyone who is looking for the edge that will get them the desired results they've been working towards. Thank you so much Flex Belt!!
Krystal F.

I have used the arm belt and ab belt for 4 weeks now. It feels like muscles are really working out and still even working after the belt is removed. I plan to continue using the belt and hope to see what results I can achieve by Christmas!
Janet C.

After a month of using the Flex Belt my neighbors Mark and Tony asked me to order a set for them. They couldn't believe my results. I look and feel so much better than I did before I ordered both the Flex Belt and Flex Arms. I can sit at work while it does it's job and it takes no extra time away from my day. I wish I would have discovered these products a long time ago.
Steve S.